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To keep Hamas in power, Israel drove suitcases stuffed with CASH into Gaza, new evidence shows –


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To keep Hamas in power, Israel drove suitcases stuffed with CASH into Gaza, new evidence shows

When it comes to the true workings of the global power structure, things are not always what they seem until you pull back and have a peek behind the curtain. This is certainly the case for Israel, which has been quietly funding Hamas as controlled opposition in order to prevent a forced two-state solution.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu once escorted a Qatari diplomat into Gaza to deliver a suitcase full of cash to Hamas to keep the Palestinian group just strong enough to counteract the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, but just weak enough to not overtake it.

This move by Netanyahu indirectly boosted the military capacity of Hamas, the New York Times reported.

In essence, what Israel has been doing is funding both sides of the war, so to speak, in order to advance its Zionist agenda. The inaugural display of Zionism was first officiated in 1948 when Israel was once again declared a nation, and even well before that in 1917 with the Balfour Declaration that set it all in motion.

“To keep Hamas propped up, Netanyahu’s government worked with Qataris to keep the money flowing,” one media outlet reported. “Israel knew that Qatar was supporting Hamas, but didn’t oppose the payments and even lobbied American lawmakers not to sanction Qatar.”

(Related: The young men and boys that Israel is rounding up in Gaza as “Hamas fighters” seem to be civilians that Israel is humiliating and dehumanizing for show.)

Netanyahu, a fake “peace” agreement, and millions in laundered money

Back in 2018, Netanyahu and his regime came up with the scheme to deliver cash to Hamas by pretending to allow its entry into Gaza as “civilian aid.”

According to the Times, the Netanyahu plan involved establishing a “peace” agreement with Hamas, which allowed Qatar to bring millions of dollars into Gaza under the guise of distributing it to civilian families in need.

What really ended up happening is that Israeli security officials met a Qatari diplomat at the border between Israel and Jordan to personally drive him and the cash into Gaza.

Western intelligence determined that Hamas ended up taking much of the cash to use for itself, leaving little, if any, for struggling families in Gaza who continue to be hard-hit by war.

Said “peace” agreement lasted until October 7 when Hamas was allowed to enter and attack Israel for a full seven hours before Israel Defense Forces (IDF) finally intervened.

Since that time, more than 17,000 civilians in Gaza have been killed by the IDF, this on top of the hundreds of Israeli civilians that were killed by IDF in the crossfire of October 7.

“Israel has to keep its legitimacy by having Hamas, a branded terrorist organization, in power,” one commenter wrote. “That way, the international community sides with it whenever there is a conflict.”

“October 7 was a godsend because now Israel can basically proceed unhindered to occupy and expel as we see now without international backlash.”

Another wrote that all of this is just more “American taxpayer dollars at work.”

“‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’ tells the recurrent story,” the same commenter added. “The sellout leaders live the high life while their people are thrown to the dogs of war.”

“There’s oil underground and the corporations don’t want to share any of it with the peasants. They need to clear the land for their drilling equipment. Unfortunately, their stooges are usually killed off at the end as thanks. No need to share the wealth with them either after they have served their purpose. And they know too much. Poor Zelensky. The joke is on us.”

The Israel-Hamas war seems more and more like an inside job, and the civilians dying on both sides are the collateral damage. Learn more at

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Written by: lwrradio

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