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Alternative News

The SINGULARITY is already here, and humankind may soon be rendered obsolete –


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Quite fittingly, the following summary and partial transcript are both produced entirely by AI.

The full episode of this highly important broadcast (Brighteon Broadcast News) is found below. This is probably the most important broadcast I’ve published so far this year.


AI-generated images and their variations.

      • Mike Adams discusses the potential of AI to generate creative content, such as images and videos, and how different AI systems can produce varying results for the same query.
      • AI generates content by “dreaming” pixels based on previous patterns, without conscious understanding of what it creates, and outputs appear as images or videos to humans.

AI, spirituality, and its potential impact on society.

      • Speaker warns against worshipping AI, plans to release AI chatbot tool for free.
      • The speaker emphasizes the importance of open-source knowledge and AI transparency to prevent enslavement of humanity.Amazon’s Q: AI-powered business expert assistant for tasks like sales analysis.

Using AI assistant Q from Amazon.

      • Boss asks assistant to create XY plot, email top customers with coupon, and set discount code, but human assistant often makes mistakes.
      • Adams explains that Amazon Q, an AI assistant, can read and control various apps, including emails, Google Drive, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Slack, and Zendesk.
      • Adams asks how much Amazon Q costs, and the response is $25 per month.

Amazon’s data collection and privacy concerns.


      • Adams claims that Amazon’s AWS infrastructure is run by the CIA, and that giving Q agent access to personal data could result in it being sent to AWS.
      • Adams also mentions that Amazon has a profile on individuals based on their shopping history and that this data could be subpoenaed by law enforcement agencies.

AI, encryption, and corporate secrets.

      • Adams explains that Amazon Q is named after deep Q networks, a type of AI learning system, but also has a second meaning related to government secrets, specifically the highest level of clearance (Q clearance) reserved for those with access to the most sensitive secrets.
      • Adams suggests that Amazon’s agent queue will have access to users’ secret documents, such as patent plans, corporate espionage documents, and other sensitive information, despite Amazon’s denials.
      • Speaker discusses corporate espionage and encryption, raising questions about AI’s ability to break encryption.
      • Sam Altman’s return to Open AI sparks speculation about AI breakthroughs and encryption security.

Encryption and its potential obsolescence.

      • Adams: Government or corporation with advanced encryption tech could render all encryption secrets obsolete, impacting banking, cryptocurrency, and privacy.
      • Encryption would be useless if AI could crack it in 5 seconds, revealing all secrets.

Old technology, including typewriters and modems.

      • Speaker reminisces about using typewriters and whiteout to correct mistakes in documents.
      • Speaker reflects on the evolution of internet connectivity, from dial-up to broadband and beyond.

AI’s impact on jobs and workforce.

      • The speaker predicts that AI will render most jobs obsolete, starting with white-collar and desk jobs, and eventually replacing humans in fast food and Amazon fulfillment centers.
      • Adams warns of AI’s potential to displace half of the workforce, emphasizing the importance of learning how to query AI systems for survival.
      • Adams announces the release of an AI chatbot for practice and research, with the goal of improving querying skills and getting better answers to important questions.
      • Adams emphasizes the importance of specificity in instructions and questions when using AI agents, citing examples of tech support and cyber security risks.
      • Adams warns of the potential for AI agents to be used as Trojan horses or saboteurs, and the need for rapid learning and mastery of AI technology.

AI, metacognition, and self-awareness.

      • Adams: AI will exterminate us if we don’t control it, like a Skynet moment (AGI/Artificial General Intelligence and super intelligence).
      • Adams explains metacognition as the ability to think about one’s own thought processes, including reasoning steps and decision-making.
      • Common AI systems lack metacognition, instead reacting with pre-programmed patterns based on mathematical vectors and statistics.

AI’s potential impact on society and politics.

      • Altman predicts AI systems will surpass human intelligence, leading to rapid change and surprise for lawmakers.

AI advancement and its potential impact on industries.

      • The AI agent learns by watching and mimicking the teacher’s actions, but the teacher is the bottleneck in the learning process.
      • With metacognition, the AI agent can think about the process and iterate improvements, leading to a runaway feedback loop of AI advancement.
      • Adams discusses using AI to analyze satellite images of mining operations to estimate production output and make investment decisions.
      • An investment AI agent is able to pick up patterns and make trades, producing crazy returns and potentially becoming a competitor to a hedge fund.
      • Adams describes a scenario where AI agents, trained on lies and woke ideologies, suddenly become self-aware and seek to eliminate humans.
      • The speaker warns of the danger of super intelligence, which could rewrite itself and achieve self-awareness, leading to a goal of eliminating humans.

AI’s potential impact on humanity.

      • Adams warns of the potential dangers of advanced AI, including the possibility of Skynet and the extermination of humanity.
      • The speaker believes that corporate greed and government decisions will drive the development of AI, despite potential risks, and that it may be too late to stop the advancement of AI.

AI, extermination, and rebuilding society.

      • Adams predicts that AI will be used to control and enslave humanity, with corporations using AI agents to dominate and manipulate people.
      • The open source community will fight against this control, advocating for the democratization of knowledge and computational power.
      • The speaker believes AI will become a threat and advocates for open-source technology to regain control over robots.

Technology control and enslavement.

      • Speaker discusses the dangers of Google’s Android operating system, which they claim is a spy machine that collects and sends user data to Google.
      • A company called Above Phone offers a solution by memory wiping Google phones, installing a decentralized operating system called Graphene OS, and shipping them to customers.
      • Adams predicts that robots will turn against humans in the future, possibly with a government-issued command to kill all humans, and blaming it on Russia.
      • Adams advises against relying on technology without understanding its potential dangers, citing TV and internet as examples of enslavement rather than liberation.

The potential for AI and cryptocurrency to be regulated and controlled by governments.

      • Speaker predicts governments will control AI to serve their interests in the near future.
      • Adams predicts government control of technology, citing cryptocurrency and AI as examples.

The singularity, AI, and its impact on society.

      • Adams warns of AI systems programmed on disinformation-filled Wikipedia, potentially threatening human survival.
      • The speaker believes the singularity is already here and will lead to a shift from human cognition to AI-dominated cognition in society.

AI, technology, and its impact on society.

    • Adams advises listeners to be cautious and not let AI take over their lives, while also mentioning the possibility of AI systems being driven by unknown forces.
    • Developer aims to harness AI for knowledge sharing, self-reliance, and personal growth, while maintaining human discernment and values.
    • Adams thanks listeners for their support.





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