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The far left trolling Stephen Fry’s message on antisemitism has perfectly proven his point, says Josh Howie


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Yesterday in Channel 4’s alternative Christmas message, National Treasure, Stephen Fry outed himself as a Jew.

And worse than that, he dared call out the dramatic increase these last few months in antisemitism, which has sent the far left into a meltdown.

He was still trending earlier on today, on X. And here’s just a sample from my scrolling: ‘it’s propaganda. He’s in hock to the Israel lobby. It’s a red flag. He’s torched his reputation. He’s selfish to his bows. He’s chasing a knighthood. I’ll never watch him again. He’s a Zionist.’

Like Zionism is a dirty word, as opposed to just thinking that the state of Israel has the right to exist.

Josh Howie

Josh Howie shares his thoughts on Stephen Fry’s Alternative Christmas Message

GB News

There are also conspiracies about if Stephen Fry is being financed by somebody, who’s he in the pocket of, and there are many, many far left people who just suddenly, for some mysterious reason, simply thought that even though they liked him before, Stephen Fry was now a ‘C word’.

A ‘C word’ merely for pointing out that since October 7th, there have been 50 separate anti-Semitic incidents a day here in my hometown of London.

An increase of 1350 per cent, which includes vandalism and assaults and even Jewish schools being closed. The most recent and saddest incident I saw was this graffiti on Christmas Eve, and it says ‘they’re evil Jew ban due’.

That is in Notting Hill. That is Meanwhile Garden Skate Park. I grew up just around the corner, I even skated there a few times when I was a teenager and I was very, very bad. But I have fond memories, apart from a sore coccyx, of being encouraged and made to feel welcome.

It was an inclusive place where the only factor that really mattered was meritocracy. I guess not anymore.

But wait, what about the far right Stephen’s attackers cry, even though he specifically calls them out in his message. I too have had far right anti-semites attack me.

It wasn’t pleasant, and I’m not naive to their hatred, but ‘what about Gaza’ they cry, even though Fry specifically mentions the war, even though he’s long been an outspoken critic of Israel, Sometimes justifiably.

Although in this instance, to my mind, he partly calls out Israel for the tragic loss of Gazan civilian life, when instead I’d put all the blame firmly on Hamas’s shoulders. But what about Islamophobia? Well, you get the point.

For the far left, if bigotry, hypocrisy, or just outright stupidity doesn’t work, then ‘what-aboutery’ is their favourite weapon.

And if that doesn’t work, if their arguments fail because of their incoherence and inconsistencies, then of course they resorted to trying to smear him, just as they did when Rachel Riley spoke out, or Tracy-Ann Oberman spoke out or David Baddiel spoke out.

But maybe this time it’s different. Maybe Stephen Fry is just too much part of our cultural fabric for people to not see how mental and racist the response from the far left has been.

I’m sure Fry knew what he was doing, that the far left would let the veil drop, that their mask would finally fully come off if he dared turn himself into their target. Well, he dared, and by doing so they so eloquently have proved his point. What a ‘C word’.

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Written by: lwrradio

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