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Support for LGBT drops as pushback increases, report finds –


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According to a new poll, support for the LGBT agenda among Americans has dropped in 2023. This comes amid state-level legislation and grassroots pushback against the promotion and celebration of homosexuality and transgenderism, according to LifeSiteNews.

The poll was conducted by the Washington, D.C.-based Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), with its results being released on Dec. 6. An accompanying report penned by the PRRI’s Andrew Flores noted that data from 2022 and 2023 indicated an overall “decline in support for LGBTQ rights across the board.”

Flores’ report said the poll numbers demonstrate a marked shift from prior approval rates. Previously, only policies requiring transgenders to use bathrooms based on their biological sex had amassed noticeable support. This contrasts with the overall “trend in growing public support for LGBT rights.”

He also found that Republican support for laws protecting women’s bathrooms from gender-confused individuals has almost doubled. From 44 percent in 2016, this has increased to 80 percent in 2023. On the other side of the fence, support for such laws among Democrats has remained unchanged at about 31 percent.

Nevertheless, Flores’ findings insinuated a decline in pro-LGBT opinions. In one example, about 72 percent of the public supported same-sex unions in August 2021. But in 2023, this has dropped by six points to 66 percent.

The PRRI fellow attributed the shift to growing polarization among Americans on a state-by-state basis. “As partisan politicians began to clearly take opposing positions on transgender rights, so too have partisan members of the mass public,” he wrote.

Flores also pointed to the rise of so-called “anti-transgender and anti-gay legislation,” alongside “anti-LGBT rhetoric and demonstrations,” as evidence of the shift away from the radical sexual and cultural upheaval spearheaded by the Left. According to LifeSiteNews, this shift “has occurred in a patchwork fashion across the country in a manner aligned with the political preferences of individual states.”

Parents PUSHING BACK against the gay agenda

“Conservative-minded parents, lawmakers and school boards in states across the country have recently pushed back against radical homosexual and transgender ideology,” the outlet stated. Such moves include:

  • working to mandate that schools notify parents of their children’s gender confusion;
  • removing sexually explicit and pro-LGBT materials from schools;
  • protecting women’s sports from men pretending to be the opposite sex, and;
  • banning sexualized performances, often by drag queens, targeting children.

Advocates of the gay agenda, meanwhile promote the harmful falsehoods that men can become women (and the other way around) and that same-sex unions are no different from heterosexual marriages. They have also smeared pushback against radical LGBT ideology that protects women and children as “hateful.”

Both popular culture and the education system are pushing children to adopt deviant sexual identities such as “gay,” “transgender,” “gender-fluid” or “nonbinary.” Criticism of the LGBT ideology is not unwarranted, however.

The government’s push for “affirming” gender confusion takes away parents’ rights to decide what is best for their children. Parental concern toward LGBT promotion in the school system only aims to protect vulnerable children from “groomers” disguised as educators. (Related: Former transgenders speak out against the exploitation and abuse of teens by LGBT groomers.)

Even more so, growing resistance to the LGBT agenda comes as prominent experts in transgender medicine acknowledged the role of “social contagion” in the rising numbers of trans-identifying children and teenagers. This “social contagion” has also contributed to a spike in surgical and chemical mutilations under the guise of “gender-affirming care.”

The testimonies of “detransitioners” such as Chloe Cole have also exposed the dangers of such “gender-affirming” medical procedures. According to LifeSiteNews, such consequences include the loss of the ability to breastfeed or have biological children. Cardiovascular disease, loss of bone density, cancer, strokes, blood clots, infertility and increased suicide risk are some of the other risks that come with transgender medical procedures.

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Written by: lwrradio

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