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Alternative News

Paul Craig Roberts and Mike Adams reveal the huge MISTAKE US officials are making over Israel, Ukraine and Russia –


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Paul Craig Roberts and Mike Adams reveal the huge MISTAKE US officials are making over Israel, Ukraine and Russia

Paul Craig Roberts and Mike Adams reveal the huge MISTAKE US officials are making over Israel, Ukraine and Russia

Auto-generated summary and highlights

  • US foreign policy in Israel and Russia/Ukraine.
  • Craig Roberts believes the US State Department and Biden administration have a hand in the Hamas invasion of Israel, with the goal of ending the existence of Palestine and making Biden a hero.
  • Roberts suggests that the US neoconservatives and Netanyahu saw the Hamas attack as an opportunity to terminate Palestine and avoid political and legal problems.
  • Roberts suggests that the US-led wars in the Middle East were motivated by Israel’s expansionist goals, rather than a genuine war on terror.

US-Israel relations and potential conflict in the Middle East.

  • Roberts: US aims to clear Hezbollah in Lebanon, but Putin’s intervention may prevent it.
  • Former Israeli security chiefs and Prime Ministers call for Netanyahu’s removal over “mad” and “endangering” actions in Gaza.

US foreign policy mistakes and their consequences.

  • Biden administration and Israel overconfident in their capabilities, facing reality checks in Ukraine and Israel.
  • Secretary of State faces internal conflict within State Department due to political appointments and lack of unity.
  • Roberts: Images of civilian slaughter are everywhere, unlike during Vietnam War when they were kept from people.
  • Adams: US State Department signed off on Nord Stream pipeline destruction, and Victoria Nuland is seen as a racist and extremist with no place in government.

The impact of decentralized information and government control.

  • Roberts notes the impact of Israeli actions in Gaza on public perception and the limitations of the establishment’s ability to control the narrative.
  • Adams agrees and highlights the decentralization of information sources, leading to increased awareness of Israel’s history of ethnic cleansing and enslavement of the Palestinian people.
  • Roberts argues that government control over the internet has increased, leading to suppression of information and alternative narratives.

US foreign policy and its impact on Russia and Ukraine.

  • Government censorship and labeling of dissent as disinformation or anti-Semitism is increasing, with innovations in decentralized information distribution emerging as a potential solution.
  • Reagan administration aimed to end Cold War, not collapse Soviet Union.
  • Neoconservatives focused on Middle East wars, ignored Russia until Putin’s 2007 Munich Security Conference speech.

Geopolitics and the potential for conflict.

  • Roberts argues that unipolarism is dead and that the US’s dominance is being challenged by China and other countries.
  • Roberts criticizes neoconservatives for misinterpreting Putin’s stance and provoking conflict.

Russia’s economic resilience in the face of sanctions.

  • Roberts argues that the US has been losing power to wield economic sanctions as a weapon of geopolitical influence, particularly against Russia.
  • Roberts believes that the sanctions have been ineffective against Russia and have actually helped the country by destroying globalism.
  • Sanctions helped Russia realize it needed to be self-sufficient, independent of foreign trade.

Geopolitics, military power, and economic devastation in Europe.

  • Russia’s military strength surpasses Western Europe, and NATO is unable to defend against them.
  • Adams: The West is projecting their own desperation onto Putin, suggesting he might launch nukes, when in reality, the West is likely to do the same.
  • Roberts argues that Western Europe is a “puppet” of the US, with many journalists on the CIA’s payroll.
  • Joe Biden promised to destroy Nord Stream, and German Chancellor Schultz stood idly by.
  • In the 1970s, a government official revealed that countries are not independent and that the US owns them, with Biden’s comment about destroying Nord Stream being a recent example.

US economic power and sanctions.

  • French government forced to pay billions in fines to US banks after violating sanctions on Iran.
  • Adams: America’s economic power based on dollar as reserve currency, but loss of this role could lead to currency collapse and inflation.
  • Roberts: Sanctions and other countries’ efforts to reduce dollar use as reserve currency pose economic threat to US, with potential for currency collapse and inflation.

US politics and media censorship with Paul Craig Roberts.

  • Roberts and Adams discuss the influence of private interests on US government policies, with Roberts emphasizing the importance of understanding this dynamic to effect change.
  • Paul Craig Roberts discusses the challenges of reporting truthfully in today’s political climate, including the risk of being labeled a conspiracy theorist or facing censorship.
  • He emphasizes the importance of understanding geopolitical dynamics and history to make sense of current events, and encourages listeners to support his work through his website.
  • Mike Adams, founder of Brighteon, discusses the importance of supporting the platform and its uncensored content.
  • Health Ranger store offers laboratory-tested, certified organic products to support good health while benefiting the platform.


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