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Alternative News

Oklahoma Gov. Stitt signs Women’s Bill of Rights into law to protect biological females from WOKE MOB –


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Oklahoma Gov. Stitt signs Women’s Bill of Rights into law to protect biological females from WOKE MOB

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has signed the state’s Women’s Bill of Rights into law. The legislation seeks to prevent transgender activists from undermining the welfare and interests of biological females.

The bill, formally House Bill (HB) 1449, codifies definitions of male, female, man, woman, mother, father and sex based on biology for use across state law. These codified definitions, LifeSiteNews reported, aim to prevent ambiguities from being exploited to encompass gender identity. Stitt, a Republican, signed HB 1449 on May 31.

HB 1449, which passed with overwhelming majority of both chambers of the Oklahoma Legislature, also codifies an executive order (EO) Stitt signed last year for basically the same purpose. “That [bill] was codifying my EO, so I was really excited to get that done,” the governor told KOCO 5.

HB 1449 defines females and males by their biological sex assigned at birth. According to the bill’s authors, it would protect biological women in locker rooms and bathrooms. “This is a very simple rule with very simple language pushing back at a very incomprehensible assault on reality,” said GOP State Sen. Shane Jett.

“Any policy, program or statute that prohibits sex discrimination shall be construed to forbid unfair treatment of females or males in relation to similarly situated members of the opposite sex. The state or its political subdivisions shall not be prohibited from establishing distinctions between sexes when such distinctions are substantially related to an important government objective – including but not limited to biology, privacy, safety or fairness,” the bill states.

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It also outlines that the term “equal” as applied to sex “shall not be construed to mean same or identical, and to differentiate between the sexes shall not necessarily be construed to be treating the sexes unequally.”

As expected, transgenders oppose Women’s Bill of Rights

“Conservatives warn that forcing females to share intimate facilities such as bathrooms, showers or changing areas with members of the opposite sex violates their privacy rights, subjects them to needless emotional stress and gives male predators a viable pretext to enter female bathrooms or lockers by simply claiming transgender status,” LifeSiteNews wrote.

“Allowing gender-confused individuals to compete in opposite-sex sports, meanwhile, is promoted by the left as a matter of ‘inclusivity.’ But critics note that indulging ‘transgender’ athletes undermines the original rational basis for having sex-specific athletics in the first place, thereby depriving female athletes of recognition and professional or academic opportunities. [It also undermines] female players’ basic safety and privacy rights by forcing them to share showers and changing areas with members of the opposite sex.”

Stitt and the Sooner State at large have taken multiple stands against the transgender lobby’s demands in recent years. These include bans on biological males from entering female prisons and restrooms, and similar prohibitions on surgical mutilation and chemical castration for minors under the guise of “gender-related medical interventions.” The governor has also vetoed taxpayer funding for public broadcaster PBS over LGBT propaganda targeted at minors.

But critics, specifically those in the transgender community and their allies, claim that the Women’s Bill of Rights is not one to be excited about. Paula Sophia, a transgender woman running for a seat in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, openly blasted the bill. (Related: Transgender extremist attacked lawmaker, police officer after Oklahoma House voted to ban child “sex changes.”)

“What it should be called is the Transgender Discriminatory Bill because that’s what it does,” Sophia said. Given that the law would be in effect if the transgender candidate is elected, Sophia might be forced to use a male restroom at the Oklahoma State Capitol after more than 20 years of using female restrooms.

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