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Alternative News

Mass immigration fuels LAWLESSNESS in France –


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French lawmaker Marine Le Pen believes mass immigration is fueling lawlessness in France, and the problem has expanded beyond urban areas to rural regions.

In an interview with the news magazine Valeurs actuelles, she highlighted instances of disorder among migrants. Le Pen cited the tragic case of 16-year-old rugby player Thomas, who was fatally stabbed by a city gang member during a village winter ball.

Emphasizing the widespread feeling of insecurity, Le Pen said a new threshold has been crossed – with organized attacks originating from certain crime-prone suburbs. Based on her conversations with mayors of small towns, these officials are now grappling with a surge in crime that was previously absent, as violence spills over from urban to rural France.(Related: Hungarian expert: MIGRATION is the major reason for France riots.)

Many small towns no longer organize festivals due to fear of looting and attacks, impacting modest communities economically.

Le Pen expressed concern about a recurring pattern of gratuitous attacks, the use of cities as rear bases and the apparent lack of effective responses from public authorities. While acknowledging the challenges, Le Pen remains optimistic about saving France, insisting that politicians must recognize and address the problem.

“We are not there. What only affected the difficult neighborhoods of large cities in the 1980s spread to medium-sized towns, then to small towns. Now, this wave is reaching our villages. But I assure you: It is too early for pessimism. Nothing has really been attempted by successive powers to stem the phenomenon,” she explained.


Le Pen also denounced the French government for turning a blind eye to the escalating reality. She warned that criminals continue to be emboldened due to the failure to stop them. The daughter of former National Front Leader Jean-Marie Le Pen also noted the shift in perception among rural citizens who once felt protected but now sense vulnerability.

She likewise criticized the mainstream media for downplaying incidents involving immigration and immigrant backgrounds. The politician likened it to “Cologne syndrome,” and stressed the importance of naming the issues instead of striving for political correctness.

Violent crimes up in France

France has witnessed a rise in violent crime, exemplified by the recent widespread riots, highlighting the growing insecurity and elevated crime levels in the nation. Criminologist Alain Bauer reports a 90 percent increase in homicide and attempted homicides from 2000 to 2020.

According to Professor Pierre Buigues from the University of Toulon, France recorded the highest number of homicides in Europe in 2020, reaching 879, translating to an estimated 12.9 homicides per million inhabitants, surpassing Germany (8.7) and Italy (4.9).

Buigues suggests the actual homicide rate may be higher due to the underestimation caused by not counting “assaults leading to death” as homicides, a distinction made in other countries like Germany and Spain.

Recent years in France have seen high-profile incidents, including radical Islamic terrorist attacks like the 2015 Bataclan nightclub massacre and other headline-making killings. Notable among them was the tragic murder of 12-year-old Lola Daviet in Paris in October last year, allegedly committed by a 24-year-old Algerian woman with a deportation order.

The issue of failed deportations and the broader link between migration and France’s security and crime problems have been raised. Some politicians highlight the high rates of criminal behavior among underage migrants from North African countries, contributing to a worrying increase in delinquency, according to French Sen. Henri Leroy.

The July riots, triggered by the fatal killing of 17-year-old Nahel by a French police officer in Nanterre, were also associated with immigration by prominent figures like former presidential candidate Eric Zemmour.

Zemmour emphasized the potential for “civil war” and attributed the root cause to immigration, a sentiment seemingly echoed by the prevalence of the name “Mohammed” among those arrested for participating in the riots, as reported by French media.

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