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Law enforcement spreading rumors about an impending Hamas attack on U.S., with risk of derailing 2024 election –


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Law enforcement spreading rumors about an impending Hamas attack on U.S., with risk of derailing 2024 election

Will the United States even make it to the 2024 election without a “surprise” incident that destabilizes the country and leads to martial law? Many say no, and a new warning from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) suggests that another 9/11-style false flag event is soon on the way.

Now that the Israel-Gaza war is in every country’s media headlines, the rumor mill is spreading claims that Hamas is planning an attack on United States soil in the coming days.

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that Hamas “could be” planning a series of terror attacks on U.S. soil, which would conveniently precede the 2024 election and possibly cancel them.

In testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives’ Homeland Security Committee, Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas talked openly about this alleged “security threat,” making sure to pin the not-yet-happened incident or series of incidents on Hamas.

“Already, in the weeks since the assessment publication, the world has changed after Hamas terrorists viciously attacked thousands of innocent men, women, and children in Israel on Oct. 7, 2023, brutally murdering, wounding, and taking hostages of all ages,” Mayorkas said in a prepared speech.

(Related: Did you know that Hamas was created by Israel back in the 1970s as a destabilizing force against Yasser Arafat’s administration?)

If anything, Israel or the U.S. itself is planning a “Hamas” attack

Just like with ISIS, al-Qaeda, and many bogeymen before them, Hamas has become the Zionist state’s whipping boy. Nations controlled by Zionist leaders, which includes the U.S., seem to be gearing up for the next phase of the war as it trickles out of the Middle East.


With support for Israel at a dismal low, it would make sense for the powers that be, also known as the deep state, to stage another 9/11-style event that they can then blame on Hamas as a pretext to justify the sending of more weapons and money to Israel, as well as a further crackdown on civil liberties here in the States.

“Since this department’s inception, the threat landscape our department is charged with confronting continues to evolve,” Mayorkas added in his speech.

“Although the terrorism threat in the United States has remained heightened throughout 2023, Hamas’s attack on Israel, along with other recent events, have sharpened the focus of potential attacks on targeted individuals and institutions perceived as symbolic of or tied to the conflict.”

FBI Director Christopher Wray also spoke, backing up Mayorkas with claims about the need to “assist our Israeli colleagues and understand the global implications of the ongoing conflict in Israel.”

“We are paying heightened attention to how the events abroad could directly affect and inspire people to commit violence here in the homeland,” Wray stated.

“Our top concern stems from lone offenders, inspired by, or reacting to, the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, as they pose the most likely threat to Americans, especially Jewish, Muslim, and Arab-American communities in the United States.”

The National Counterterrorism Center, directed by Christine Abizaid, is said to be actively monitoring, evaluating, and taking appropriate actions “with respect to potential threats to the United States in the wake of the 7 October Hamas attacks against Israel.”

Whenever government officials talk about “threats to the United States,” what they really mean are threats to the deep state that controls the U.S. These people could not care less about the lives of hard-working Americans and their families – they only care about themselves and Israel.

Do you think there will even be a 2024 election in the United States, based on all this false flag chatter taking place? Find out more at

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Written by: lwrradio

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