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Compelling video evidence points to Israeli AIR BURST bomb striking al-Ahli hospital grounds, killing hundreds of Palestinian civilians as they slept on courtyard grounds adjacent to the parking lot –


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BREAKING: Compelling video evidence points to Israeli AIR BURST bomb striking al-Ahli hospital grounds, killing hundreds of Palestinian civilians as they slept on courtyard grounds adjacent to the parking lot

Thanks to the investigative work of Information Liberation (Chris Menahan) and “Lord Bebo” (@MyLordBebo on Twitter / X), there is now compelling video evidence that Israel bombed the al-Ahli hospital grounds using an “air burst” bomb, and that Israel likewise also bombed the streets near the al-Quds hospital a day later.

Since the Oct. 17th horrific bombing of the al-Ahli hospital — which Gaza health officials say resulted in the deaths of over 500 Palestinian people — there has been fierce debate in the media and across online discussion groups about whether the bomb was launched by Jihadi forces (specifically, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, or PIJ) or the Israeli military. Each side has vehemently pointed the finger at the other side, and initial observations raised legitimate questions about whether the incident could be attributed to an Israeli bomb strike at all.

In case you have not seen the verified video explosion that rocked the hospital grounds, here’s a Brighteon video showing the damage, which also names the “MK-84 air bomb” as the likely ordnance that was used:

Those initial observations — which seemed conclusive to many observers — included:

– The fact that the al-Ahli hospital building structures were not hit by any explosion and did not sustain serious damage. This led many people to question how 500+ people could have been killed.

– The fact that there was no large crater in the parking lot, which at first appeared to be the epicenter of the explosion.

– The fact that Jihadi forced had been launching crude rockets at around the same time the explosion rocked the al-Ahli hospital. This seemed to be consistent with Israel’s claim that an errant PIJ rocket was responsible for striking the hospital grounds.


To those who tended to lean in favor of Israel, the above questions were more than enough for them to conclude that Israel did not bomb the hospital. Many in conservative media even claimed the entire hospital bombing story was “fake, ” implying that no one was bombed and no one died at all. None of these people seem to be aware that even the United Nations has already published figures showing that Israel has already carried out 51 bombing attacks on hospitals throughout the Gaza Strip, killing 15 healthcare workers in the process.

According to military experts, the 6,000+ bombs already dropped on Gaza are equivalent to one-quarter of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in World War II. So far, Israel’s bombings have killed nearly 3,500 Palestinians, rapidly approaching triple the number of Israelis killed by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7th.

It turns out that all the media outlets claiming the al-Ahli bombing was not the fault of Israel have missed critical pieces of evidence. Here is a run down of some of those critical pieces of evidence.

Critical evidence that points to an Israeli air burst missile

First, when considering how 500+ people could have been killed on the ground when the hospital building structures were not directly struck, we must realize that the al-Ahli grounds adjacent to the parking lot were occupied by displaced refugees sleeping on the ground. (Source)

Thus, they were not in the hospital buildings, and they were not shielded by the buildings. They absorbed the full force of the strike as a giant fireball engulfed the parking lot and surrounding courtyard areas. This is why post-bombing videos show so much carnage on the grounds adjacent to the parking lot. That’s where people were laying when the explosion destroyed them.

Secondly, the fact that there is no crater in the parking lot is consistent with an air burst bomb that detonates at a predetermined altitude above the ground in order to maximize damage. The evidence of this air burst is clearly visible in the tweets and videos shown below, where the hoods and roofs of multiple vehicles are shown to be crushed by a powerful force from above. This damage pattern is only possible with an air burst weapon, not a ground burst rocket or bomb.

Notably, Jihadi forces do not possess air burst ordnance capabilities. Only Israel has that.

If a bomb had actually detonated upon impact with the parking lot, these vehicles would have been blasted laterally, and they would have been blown to the side, showing lateral structural damage, not the curved, bent roofs and hoods they currently show. This damage is only consistent with an air burst weapon detonating above them, creating a pressure wave that destroys anything beneath it, including the hundreds of Palestinians sleeping on the courtyard grounds (whose bodies would have been crushed by the blast wave and then burned by the fireball).

Thirdly, the sound of the missile’s arrival is consistent with other known Israeli missile strikes, with a characteristic audible signature that sounds nothing like typical Hamas or Jihadi rockets (which are crude, low-velocity weapons compared with Israel’s weapons.

The following side-by-side comparison video shows a known Israeli bombing strike on the right, followed by the al-Ahli hospital strike on the left. Their sound characteristics are nearly identical and they do not sound like Hamas rockets.

Fourth, Hamas rockets do not possess the explosive power captured on video in the al-Ahli hospital strike. The very large fireball and explosive effects are not possible with the low-tech, crudely-made Hamas or Jihadi rockets.

Fifth, the rockets being fired by PIJ were being fired away from the al-Ahli hospital on the night of the hospital bombing. Yet an Israeli jet flew above the hospital in the correct formation to release a guidance bomb such as the MK-84. The explosion occurred a few seconds after the Israeli jet deployed its bomb and activated flares in order to evade possible ground-to-air missiles. This is clearly shown in the following video and still frame:

Israel’s army deliberately tried to obfuscate the path of the Jihadi rockets when they posted the following: “From the analysis of the operational systems of the [Israeli army], an enemy rocket barrage was carried out towards Israel, which passed through the vicinity of the hospital when it was hit.” This is deliberately misleading. Yes, the rockets were in the vicinity, but they were moving away from the hospital, not over it nor towards it.

Sixth, on Oct. 18th, Israel bombed the streets near the al-Quds hospital. The video of that bombing almost perfectly mirrors the missile strike sound, the Israeli jet in the air (firing flares) and the subsequent fireball explosion:

Seventh, we already know from previous reporting that Israel likely engineered the Oct. 7th events as a military stand down to allow Hamas terrorists to carry out atrocities that would justify Israel’s annihilation of Gaza (followed, of course, by Israel claiming the entire Gaza Strip for themselves, while displacing all Palestinians). This is classic Israel behavior: Commit an atrocity, blame your enemy, then justify another atrocity against them in the form of a retaliation. Israel has been doing this for generations. From Al Jazeera:

The routine goes something like this: Israel commits a human rights atrocity, immediately denies having anything to do with it, says it has solid evidence that Palestinians committed the crime, and then just waits to see if someone manages to prove what really happened. If it eventually becomes clear that Israel did indeed carry out the atrocity, it silently accepts responsibility, but by then, the world’s focus has already moved on to other matters.

Israel performed this exact routine just last year, after it murdered Palestinian-American journalist and Al Jazeera veteran Shireen Abu Akleh.

Furthermore, PM Netanyahu — a globalist and WEF member — is facing certain jail time if he does not maintain his position as Prime Minister. He likely sees the eradication of Palestinians and the claiming of Gaza as Israeli land to be his “get out of jail free” card, should he manage to pull it off.

Summary of new evidence that points the figure at Israel being responsible for the al-Ahli hospital atrocity

– MK-84 air burst bomb dropped by Israeli aircraft captured in the video of the bombing.

– Air burst explains the concave vehicle hoods and roofs, as well as the lack of a parking lot crater.

– Civilians sleeping in the courtyard explains the high casualty rate, even without structural damage to the buildings.

– Israel’s denials carry no credibility because Israel has been previously caught lying about its atrocities.

– Israel has already bombed Gazan hospitals at least 51 times since Oct. 7th, and Israel leaders have repeatedly promised to utterly destroy Gazan infrastructure while bombing schools, hospitals, water treatment facilities and mosques.

– Israel has the motive to carry out this attack and blame it on Hamas in order to further justify genocide against Palestinians so that Israel can eliminate them all and steal their land.

For the record, none of this excuses the Hamas terror attacks against Israeli civilians. What Hamas did against Israeli citizens was clearly a war crime and a brutal display of the complete abandonment of the core principles that should guide humanity. Yet, at the same time, Israel’s murderous brutality against innocent Palestinian civilians is also a war crime, and one war crime does not cancel out another.

This is why I call for peace and diplomacy. The world must demand a cease fire, diplomatic interventions, humanitarian aid and a full investigation of the bombings of hospitals across Gaza. Israel, in particular, must be stopped from escalating its war crimes against the Palestinian people and from trying to engineer yet more atrocities that it can leverage to justify a campaign that clearly qualifies as “ethnic cleansing.”

Join me in calling for peace by telling the truth about the violence. Condemn all violence — including Israel’s violence against civilians — and don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by Israel’s highly refined propaganda narratives.


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Written by: lwrradio

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