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Air marshals ordered to SHADOW individuals who flew to DC during J6, leaving commercial travelers at risk –


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Whistleblower: Air marshals ordered to SHADOW individuals who flew to DC during J6, leaving commercial travelers at risk

Air Marshals were reportedly ordered to shadow people who traveled to DC during the Jan. 6 Capitol protest instead of guarding commercial flights from potential threats, according to a whistleblower.

Air Marshal National Council (AMNC) Director Sonya LaBosco disclosed this development to Fox News. According to her, the Federal Air Marshals Service (FAMS) was ordered by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to continue to watch their “suspected” protesters instead of protecting people aboard planes.

“We’re not flying right now. On most flights, you’re not going to have air marshals,” she told the outlet’s Carley Shimkus. “The only missions that we’re doing are ‘Quiet Skies’ missions, which are following the January 2021 people.”

LaBosco remarked that the Department of Homeland Security, which is the parent of both the TSA and the FAMS, is to blame. The Quiet Skies missions have used up the FAMS’ resources by forcing air marshals to monitor people who flew into Washington, D.C. ahead of the Jan. 6 protest – even if they didn’t commit a crime.

“You did not have to go to the Capitol, or the rally and you’ve been put on a specific list that TSA now has assigned air marshals to follow these people who have not had any type of criminal investigation. They haven’t committed a crime, but yet three years later, we’re following the same individuals day in and day out,” the AMNC director said.

She even recounted one instance where air marshals were assigned to shadow a man who had been placed on the terror watch list for simply going to a funeral near Washington that day. According to LaBosco, individuals may have been aware that time that they were being followed because they were singled out for special screening and enhanced security measures at the airport. (Related: BOMBSHELL REPORT: FBI performs audit just to remember how many paid undercover informants it deployed at J6 Capitol rally.)


Sen. Cruz blasts TSA for welcoming illegals instead of protecting flights

The AMNC director ultimately warned airplane travelers, especially during holidays to be careful as the air marshals won’t be joining them in flights.

“I think you should be very concerned,” she cautioned. “When you’re boarding the aircraft you need to look around to see who you might be able to ask to help you like a good Samaritan, because you’re kind of you’re on your own,” she cautioned.

LaBosco further advised travelers that if anything happens, “please don’t wait” as there’s going to be no law enforcement that’s going to respond. She urged everyone to have an escape plan in case something terrible happened. “

“Look where the exit doors are. Look where your flight attendants are standing around you. But I would look at other passengers … looking around for a football player, somebody, a pretty big guy, or a couple of big guys, in case you need to take action.”

Aside from this, LaBosco also mentioned that air marshals were deployed to the southern border – something that did not sit well with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). He denounced this move in a letter addressed to TSA Administrator David Pekoske.

“It is concerning that the administration has prioritized ushering illegal immigrants into the country over protecting the lives and safety of the traveling public,” he wrote. The senator argued that taking air marshals off flights for the deployments could be putting travelers at risk.

Initially, those deployed to the border were sought on a voluntary basis. Later, the deployments became mandatory, sparking outrage and a “mutiny” from marshals.

“[Homeland Security] Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas has said more than once that the border is secure, so he is not concerned with that. But we all know that the border is not secure,” LaBosco said. “He will not call this a crisis. But now, not only is the border destabilized, our aviation is destabilized as well.”

Bookmark for more stories about how the U.S. government is still “watching” Jan. 6 Capitol protesters.

Watch Pete Santilli tackle TSA’s decision not to have air marshals on flights in the clip below.

This video is from The Pete Santilli Show channel on

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